The bottom line is, that your average brand name paints, are full of all kinds of nasties that are no good for your health and the health of your families (not to mention the health of the painter who is applying it!). When paint is in the process of drying, it gives of an array of harmful VOCs. VOC's are Volatile organic compounds that are released into your homes eco-system and are a pollutant to your indoor air quality. Concentrations of many VOC's are up to 10 times higher indoors as opposed to painting outside which is a whole lot safer due to the fresh air. The cocktail of VOC's found in most  common paints include: acetone, benzene, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, perchloroethylene, toluene, and xylene.
Long term exposure to anyone of these dangerous chemicals can have severe health impacts. They are almost all carcinogens and these chemicals are being released into your home for even up to four years after you've repainted! Short term side effects can include dizziness, migraines, skin reactions, troubled breathing, nausea, burning eyes, unconsciousness. Long term the effects can be much more severe, liver damage, leukaemia in little ones (pregnant women should be very careful when repainting their homes), cancer,  male infertility, damages to kidney function, nervous system damage, and the list goes on.
At EcoLux Home, we've spent enough time dealing with those chemicals to know that its just not worth it, especially when there is a cleaner way. We believe in beautiful looking homes, and cleaner fresher air for those who occupy them. We use Bio products paint for all our indoor painting projects. they are an awesome company out of South Australia who manufacture quality interior, plant based, non toxic, non allergenic, natural paints. 
Its an easy choice for us, and we hope it will be an easy choice for you too. there are numerous health benefits to having a chemical free home. We want to contribute life to your in home eco-system, all the while transforming your space to a fresh new look, done in a quality, professional , prompt manner. We hope you get the pleasure of the EcoLuc experience in your home at least once.


Most paints leave that 'freshly painted smell' for days after completion. Our paints won't smell like that. In fact when we are painting, we will probably be diffusing some essential oils, just to make the experience (and the smell) all the more pleasant. make sure you let us know your favourite oil.


Common indoor plants are great for removing toxins and fighting against rising levels of indoor air pollution. Scientists are finding them to be surprisingly useful in absorbing potentially harmful gases and cleaning the air inside homes, not to mention they look totally awesome and add that zen in a way that makes you feel at peace when indoors.

 We think every home should have a little splash of green leaf for what they contribute in looks and the way the clean the air. Thats why we decided to gift all our customers with a parting plant to show our appreciation, and to sow the seed of cleaner air into the future of your family home. so wether its a Boston fern, a peace lilly, a ficus, or some kind of palm, you can expect a little green present upon completion (It has also been proven that putting a plant next to a freshly painted wall makes it look better?).


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