When I was 16, I left school with a paint brush in my hand, and its been there ever since...
Painting has always been a big part of my life, but to be honest, the thing I am most passionate about is my awesome little family.  My Wife George, and my son Waivou are the reason I go to work, and they are the reason for EcoLux Home.
It's not commonly known that painting is classed as a high risk job. The average painter is daily exposed to some pretty nasty chemicals which can have a devastating effect on overall health in the long run. When I became aware of some alarming statistics, I begun to dig a little deeper, and research the paint I had used for years, and I was shocked to discover what had literally been under my nose all along.
I have long been passionate about physical health, the state of the planet, and our environment but in ignorance I was unaware of the negative impact that painting was having on both me and the environment.
It wasn't until my wife decided that we would become a 'Low Waste Home', that I begun digging deeper into different ways I could be minimise waste. This lead to us discovering as a family new ways that we could be more conscious and aware of our choices in general. It was only a matter of time before my humble little painting business became the topic of discussion.
Fast froward to the present day, since then I have stopped using oil based paints where possible. No more chemicals. I use non toxic, Zero VOC interior paints. Bio paints are my supplier of choice as they offer a quality range of plant based, natural paints which are free from allot of the harmful chemicals that fill conventional paints. And I created EcoLux Home to distinguish myself as an eco conscious painting business, also to set myself apart from the multitude of tradespeople who do not consider the impact that they or their products have on the environment or more importantly their customers. 
I believe that eco conscious tradespeople will be the norm in the future. I want to live a long, healthy and happy life for my family and kids. I want EcoLux Home to represent a health eco-system, family, cleaner air, health, life, and all the amazing  relationship that happens within the family home.


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