Health starts at home. Here is our story..



The Eco Conscious Painting Experience

Your two greatest assets matter to us, your health and your home.

EcoLux Home is all about sustainability, eco conscious practices, and creating a health eco-system in your home. We believe that clean air and the health of our families should always be paramount. EcoLux Home is the cleaner, sustainable choice for the environment, and a healthier alternative for you and your family.

Paint makes our spaces beautiful, but not if it is at the cost of our health.

When it comes to painting homes, the high level toxic chemicals and dangerous VOC's that make up the frame work for conventional paint products, end up being inhaled and are still present in the atmosphere for years after the paint has cured. Needless to say this can be damaging on many levels. 

Thats why after 12+ years in the industry, using conventional paint systems, and highly toxic chemicals as a daily practice, we stopped to ask ourselves, is there a better way?

We decided it was time to make a move away from traditional chemical based paints, and pursue a natural alternative. We discovered a world of beautiful,  plant based, chemical free, non toxic paints. We proudly use and recommend Bio paint products which are safe for you, for us, and the planet.

We still deliver the professional services expected of a qualified painting operation, we just thought we should ditch the dangerous chemicals and keep it natural.


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